How to Deal with Epoxy Flooring Damage in a Busy Parking Garage

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Epoxy flooring is very popular in a commercial parking garage as it is known for its durability. It'll improve the facility's aesthetic appeal, which may be important from a branding perspective, and it also has anti-slip characteristics, being very resistant to moisture. However, it can be prone to damage, and if you're dealing with some of this in your existing facility, what's the best approach to take in order to rectify it?

Cracks and Chips

Given the amount of traffic in a facility like this and the nature of the challenge, it's not unusual for any epoxy flooring to develop chips or cracks. If these are relatively small, they can be filled with mortar. This will need time to cure, though, and, if possible, you should section the area off from any further traffic.

Patching kits are available to make this process as easy and quick as possible. Still, if the damage is extensive, you may have to resurface the entire section before adding new epoxy.


Peeling is definitely an issue in a parking garage. As drivers slowly manoeuvre so they can fit their vehicle into a tight parking space, the heat of the tyres can pick up the surface. To fix this, you will need to remove the existing coating altogether by using a scraping device or rotary scrubber. When all of the original coating has been removed, clean the area with an acid-based cleaner before rinsing carefully and allowing it to dry. Once complete, a new level of epoxy can be added.

Fading Surfaces

Don't be surprised if certain areas begin to fade when they are exposed to the harsh sunlight during certain times of the day. You can address this discolouration by using a specific type of dye or a tinted sealer. If the issue is extensive, you may have to remove the existing installation and replace it with new epoxy.

Taking the Best Approach

Wear and tear are far from unusual in a very busy commercial facility like this. You can expect to encounter issues with your epoxy flooring, but you will want to catch these problems as soon as you can to avoid any further deterioration. While you can certainly tackle minor jobs yourself, you'll be better off calling damage restoration experts for anything else. Make sure you work with a contractor who has experience with epoxy flooring, and they will conduct the work with as little disruption as possible.

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