Who can you trust to repair the foundation of your home?

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Is your home in good repair? Most people try to keep their home looking reasonable, with regular cleaning and painting to ensure that they present a clean and pleasant impression to visitors. You probably take care of any obvious areas that need repair, but did you realise that there could be problems under the ground of which you can't see? Are you finding cracks appearing on your walls or floor? Do your doors and windows no longer fit into their frames properly? Don't assume that the problem is on the surface. It's possible that your home has an issue with its foundation. It could be that your home has settled unevenly or that the ground has begun to subside placing strains on your property which it was not built to withstand. If this describes your situation, an underpinning contractor, such as Pro-Pin Professional Underpinning, should be the first person you call.

What causes foundation problems?

Sometimes problems with foundations can be caused by poor-quality repair work or nearby building work, but the majority of foundation issues can be traced back to problems when your home was first constructed. The most likely cause of foundation problems is insufficiently compacted earth under the property which has allowed the structure to settle in an unanticipated way. That problem will not rectify itself and, if left alone, will only get worse. If you don't deal with a foundation issue, you may ultimately find that your home pulls itself apart as the walls start to separate from the ceiling and floor and the property needs to be demolished.

Call in an expert

Rather than filling in the cracks as they appear or shaving a little bit off the door so that it fits the frame again, it is important that you deal with the root of the problem. Arranging for an underpinning contractor to come and look at your home is the only sensible solution. An underpinning contractor will be able to suggest the best solution to secure your property. He will need to look at the damage that the property has already sustained and the nature of the soil around the property. Ultimately he will find the most effective way of raising your foundation back into position. That solution could be placing a support under the foundation to support it on rock that is deep in the earth, or perhaps the right thing to do will be to spread the weight out over a wider area to prevent too much pressure resting on a point that is unable to bear it. An underpinning contractor can be trusted to examine the situation and to make the right choice for your home.