Professional Plant Hire Tips

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As a contractor, there are instances that you will need to hire construction machines. Hiring is a suitable option when you only require the machines for a short period. Besides, it is often cheaper than buying. Below are essential tips to guide you during plant hire.

Determine the equipment's availability.  

There are many companies hiring out construction equipment. Inquire if these companies have the machines you require. You also need to know if they can rent out the equipment for the whole period that you need them. 


You should visit several professional plant hire companies and ask for a quote for the equipment you intend to hire. It is critical to ask for discounts as you aim to cut the costs to maximise your profits. If you are renting for a few months, inquire on the terms of payment and ensure that they are flexible enough. 

Quality of equipment.

The machine that you intend to hire must be of good quality. Avoid hiring old or worn-out machines as they might end up frustrating you. If possible, start up the machine and check if it is fully operational. For large equipment such as cranes, ask for a recent inspection report detailing the equipment's state.

Services offered. 

Ask if the company offers the following services.

  1. Transport from the yard to the site. Some equipment are huge; therefore, it is difficult to transport them without special trucks.
  2. Repair and maintenance. Most companies will do routine maintenance on their equipment. Inquire if the company offers repair services if the machine breaks down onsite.
  3. Personnel. Some companies might allow you to have your staff operate their equipment; however, some companies have a strict policy that only their personnel can operate their machines.

The company that you choose to hire from must fit the following criteria: 

  1. The plant hire company should have a good reputation. Do not hire from companies with negative reviews, as you too might get disappointed. 
  2. The management and staff should be responsive to all your inquiries. 
  3. Do not hire plant equipment online or via a phone call. Physically visit their premises and view the equipment yourself.
  4. The company should be licensed to operate. The equipment you intend to hire should be insured in case of an accident. 

When seeking plant hire services, inquire on the availability of the equipment, the cost of hiring, the quality of the equipment and the services offered by the company.